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Our Services

Packing and Moving Services

Agrawal Home Move offers authentic packaging and moving services to all the clients. To make sure that the goods that are packed for transit are maintained in the  best quality, we make use of a variety of materials. The packing professionals that are working with us, make sure that all the items are tightly secured and maintained in its best state while in transit. Our packing and moving techniques are extremely effective and will be quite affordable as well. We ensure that all the goods are well segregated based on their fragility and strength aspects.

Transportation Services

Transporting the packed goods from one place to another, often comes with a host of responsibilities. If all the goods are not well placed, they might tend to break. Our movers and drivers that will be responsible for carrying the goods will ensure that they are safely picked as well as dropped at the location. Our services are timely and regular, so you can expect us to reach on time when in need. You can also be sure that the entire process will be free of errors.

Car Carrier Services

Our car shifting facility is speedy and easy for you to avail. We make use a variety of equipments like lifters, trailers, containerized trucks and canters. Our professionals are extremely talented to shift all the goods without any scratches and with immense safety. We use modern techniques and modern tools for efficiently transporting the goods to the desired location.

Trailer services For ODC

Agrawal Home Move offers trailer services all over India as per the needs of the customers. We began as a small company and rose to sky heights by working hard. Our staff is extremely talented and skilled to handle any amount of load. We take care of every good that is being transported to various places and be sure that they are delivered in the right manner. We have served a variety of esteemed organizations as well as private companies for efficient trailer services.

Agrawal Home Move has been working in the field for a period of 15 years and we take employ the best means of transporting the goods from place to place. Our loading and unloading of goods will be done in the best way and is appreciated by a lot of companies.

Agrawal Home Move Logistics can be included in a variety of trusted service providers that offer reliable services. Our ODC Transport Services are specialized in offering a hassle free and safe transportation even to longer distances. We have been always equipped with the right people who are talented and experienced enough for delivering the goods. We make sure that the good which are loaded will be unloaded in the same condition. We offer similar services even for the companies that are located at long distances.

Agrawal Home Move helps in planning the kind of transportation that will suit the needs and requirements of the customers. Even with the larger projects, we make sure that they are broken down into smaller tasks that will help in easy management. We employ a blend of engineering tactics as well as design, implementation techniques for planning the mode of transportation that will be required for your goods. All this is done to offer you a hassle-free loading and unloading services.

Home / Office Relocation Services

Our professionals at the Agrawal Home Move offer amazing and cost effective relocation services to all the states situated in India. Our strength lies in offering a faster relocation service that is secure as well as timely. We load all the goods that are present in your domestic or commercial spaces with the use of technological equipments. We use hydraulic lifts and tilt tables for transporting the goods efficiently. Apart from this, we pack the goods in quality materials so that they do not break in transit. We meticulously plan all the corporate moving as it will be easier for our clients to manage all the other tasks that are associated with the moving of commercial spaces. We move all the goods under strict guidance and vigilance so that they are not damaged in any way while being packed or moved.

Loading/ Unloading Services

When the loading and unloading of the goods are not done in a proper way, all the efforts go in vain. This is why; we take extreme precautions to maintain the goods in a sound state throughout its transport. All the tasks that are associated with the loading and unloading services will be done in a better way. Our laborers are trained for all such tasks and they will only the right equipments for picking and loading the goods in the trucks. While unloading, they will be sure to cautiously pick and drop each item so that they are not damaged in any way. Special care will be taken for loading and unloading of fragile goods.

Our Full Service Solution

Be it car shifting and commercial or office shifting, local shifting and domestic shifting, the professionals at the Agrawal Home Move are proficient enough. We will offer an array of options that will fulfill your needs and requirements.

    • Complete Line of Packing and Moving Supplies
    • Specialized Packing Services including Antiques
    • High Value Electronics and Artwork
    • Local & National House Hold shifting
    •  Office Relocations and Industrial Relocations
    • Household Goods Storage
    • Corporate and Employee Relocation Programs.

Heavy Machines / Equipment Packing & Moving Services

We along with our specialists offer an array of options for you to choose from and is related to the Packing & moving services. We move heavy industrial machinery and heavy Earthmoving equipments that are related to many industries like construction, mining as well as auto parts. With an immense experience of 10 years and skilled set of hands, our Packing & transportation service is blended well with the use of the right tools. We employ the best resources that will efficiently help in moving the goods. We will safely and securely transport all the goods without any hassles. The cost of moving the heavy cargoes will be extremely affordable.

Our professionalism is blended with the right experience, security and integrity that will prove to be extremely beneficial. We will help you in transporting the cargoes without any damages that will help you in gaining immense profits. For transporting cargoes to large distances, you can save too much money on freight charges as well.